More Mobile Phones than Clean Toilets: What Next?



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As you're probably aware - even if you live in the first world - there's a shortage of clean, working toilets. And if you are in the third world, you know about this problem first hand. The bad news is that the lack of clean toilets causes a lot of people to die unnecessarily. An interesting tidbit of information to note is that there are now more mobile devices than clean toilets in the world.


The Rise of the Mobile Phone 

The very first mobile phones - car phones and satellite phones - were huge bricks that needed a lot of power to operate. Additionally, the calls were sometimes hard to hear and the reliability factor just wasn't available. Over time, however, the phones got smaller and more reliable all the time. Today, you can get a free cell phone that is hundreds if not thousands of times more powerful than those early cell phones. Some of today's smartphones are more powerful than some of the very first computers.


The Mobile Phone Dominates

Today, the mobile phone and other devices are dominating every aspect of our lives. From offering a means of voice or text communication to offering access to the Internet wherever you are in the world (as long as you have cell access), there are a lot of different ways that mobile phones are useful - almost necessary - for the modern world.


One has to wonder, however, if all the technological advancements are really better than the basic necessities - which some areas of the world need a lot of help with still. Then again, to most people on the planet, the mobile phone is much more important than a clean toilet. Whether or not this is a good thing is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that people demand more technology and the corporations provide it to them.


If you don't know about the Tom's Shoes model of business, they give out a free pair of shoes to someone in the third world every time someone buys a pair. Some cell phone company should come forward and offer to build a clean toilet somewhere in the world for every ten or twenty phones that are bought. The best way to get someone to do this is to start contacting the cell phone companies and ask them to do it.


What Next?

While no one can tell you about the future for certain, there's a very good chance that mobile phones and devices are going to become even more important for everyday life. And while more clean toilets would help a lot of people around the world, the number of cell phones is likely to increase more than the number of clean facilities. This is sad, but it's the state of the modern world.



Sheila Kurdinger has had to hire Austin movers in the past, and was thankful the Internet made it easier to find someone suitable. When she's not moving from one place to the next, she likes to write articles online and also design infographics.



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